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Striving to create platform which acts as one stop solution to farmers, agri commodity buyers and other participants across value chain for various agriculture related needs like farm inputs, farm consultancy services, post-harvest practices, output produce marketing etc. The initiative was mooted by young professional agriculture graduates with multiple domain knowledge and passion to drive change in Agriculture ecosystem.

Major Objectives

  1. To provide residue free food items to consumers at affordable price
  2. To innovate and bring effective change in conventional/traditional market practice
  3. To overall reduce cost of cultivation of farmer and increase per acre income realization
  4. To bring about self-sustainability and improve standard of living of farmer
  5. To create efficient supply chain that addresses post-harvest loss, multiple handling, wastage etc
  6. Revenue generation by creating win-win situation to farmer and buyer across value chain

We are engaged in providing back-end support to farmers by means of engaging in capacity building activities like advising farmers on which crop to grow, seedling selection, best agronomic practices, technical knowhow, when to harvest, whether to stock or liquidate, when to sell and also effective market linkage activities. Post-harvest market related advisory is based on fundamental and technical analysis of respective commodities.

We are also involved in dissemination and marketing of new effective farm related innovations to farmers at affordable price in order to bring about effective and profitable agriculture.

We are also working on land development concept which includes activities such as identifying land/soil type, problem identification by means of soil testing and water testing, other activities include field cleaning, major land operations, field fencing, identifying suitable farming component and finally helping in converting a non-remunerative land(Barren/Acidic/Sodic/Other) into a remunerative land.

Residue Free Farming

We are engaged in residue free farming directly with farmers by creating awareness about advantages of usage of specific farm inputs such as Solar insect pest control trap, Bio Fertilizer, Bio Pesticides through effective farm extension activities and also marketing these products at affordable price.

Input Marketing

We are also engaged in marketing of various farm inputs which encourage residue free farming and eco-friendly way of farming.

Current farm inputs include Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, Solar insect pest control trap etc.

Business Consulting

Below activities are involved in business consultancy services

  1. Capacity building and market linkage activities towards farmers (FPOs)
  2. Land development concept which involves converting non remunerative land into remunerative land
  3. Providing effective farming solutions to farmers (FPOs) for effective farming
  4. Commodity consultancy services to farmers for price discovery and better marketing of their farm produce

Output Marketing

We are involved in encouraging and creating awareness about advantages of adoption of effective post-harvest handling practices and also marketing of farm produce directly from farmers. The farm produce is picked directly from farmgate avoiding the market intermediaries, multiple handling, wastage etc. and delivering it to required destinations.

We cater to requirement of various Exporters, Hotel chains, Retail chains, Arbitragers, B2B clients etc

Why Kisan Saathi?

Value Proposition - Farmer’s @ Backend

  1. Educating Farmer’s on Post Harvest Management
  2. Technical Skills on Crop Management
  3. Training on Timely Post harvest grading, sorting and proper packing techniques
  4. Engaging Trained Women labours in Harvesting, Sorting, grading and Packaging Process
  5. Farmgate purchase with own vehicle pickup
  6. Market related advisory services for better price discovery
  7. Better Price realization by eliminating market intermediaries, extra transportation cost, multiple handling, wastage etc

Value Proposition – Buyer’s @ Frontend

  1. Quality F&V availability at affordable price to buyer/consumer
  2. High keeping quality of F&V due to implementation of good post-harvest practices and reduced multiple handlings
  3. Reduced handling loss resulting in reduced wastage and inturn increased income realization to buyers
  4. Intermediaries are avoided leading to better price discovery
  5. Transparency in the trade increases
  6. Increased satisfaction to buyers across supply chain and ultimately consumers

Potential Impact

  1. Marked change in conventional Agri commodity supply chain
  2. Improved farmer self-sustainability and increased per acre farm income
  3. Increased usage of Eco-friendly farm practices by farmers
  4. Improved standard of living of farmer & rural livelihoods
  5. Improved ratio of innovators& early adopters to late adopters


  1. Team of passionate and professional agriculture graduates with expertise in multiple domains of Agri & allied fields
  2. Proven track record of bringing positive changes with professional work
  3. Good network of farmers (FPOs) in backend and buyers in frontend
  4. Self-interest in improving and developing current agriculture ecosystem

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